Heidelberg CD 102 6 LX

Manufacturer : Heidelberg
Type :CD 102 6 LX
Year :2000
Color(s) :6
Size :28x40

Machine Kind : Sheet Fed Offset

Description : If you are looking for  Six Colour Offset Printing Machine Heidelberg CD 102 6 LX for your company and are unsure where to start. Please do not hesitate to contact Machine dealers’ team members. We are one of the leading suppliers and importers in India and will help you in finding a machine quickly at a very reasonable rate. Features: 1- Reasonable bucks 2- Up-to-date machine 3- Premium quality INKLINE CP 2000 Control Center Image Control ALCOLOR VARIO dampening system TECHNOTRANS combi refrigeration and ink temp control Autoplate (semi-automatic plate loader) Preset Plus in feeder and delivery Non-stop feeder and delivery Automatic blanket, roller and impression-cylinder-washing device Chambered doctor blades Anilox rollers DryStar 3000 combination IR-dryer Steelplate in feeder and delivery Electromechanic double-sheet control Electronic pull lay control WASHSTAR Tandem wash for rollers/blanket and impression cyl ynder Clean CleanStar powder sucker ELTEX antistatic eliminator
Availability : Abroad

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