Six Colour Offset Printing Machine in Junagadh

Being the most well-known six colour printing machine suppliers in Junagadh, we have designed this fully automatic product which is suitable for a wide variety of applications and is also highly in demand in the market. With top notch quality raw materials being used, our product has high durability. 


We as the most dominant six colour printing machine importers in Junagadh, have designed our product with a stable and safe construction. Our product is fully automatic and is categorized as an offset type of printer. With a loading drive of 0.187kw and unloading drive of 0.38Kw, it basically makes use of motors that are geared with worm wheels. 

Size description:

As the most effective manufacturers of six colour printing machines in Junagadh, we make sure that we cater to our client’s requirements as far as the parameters are concerned. With a maximum diameter of 60mm and printing speed of 12000 pcs per hour we definitely manage to capture a lot of demand in the market. 

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