Komori L 640 LX

Machine Ref. No. :1647
Machine Serial No. :464xxx
Manufacturer : KOMORI
Type :L 640+L
Year :1997
Color(s) :6 COLOR
Size :28x40

Machine Kind : Sheet Fed Offset

Description : We are one of the most reputed Six Colour Offset Printing Machine Komori L 640 LX Suppliers and Importers in India. Supplying various colors of offset printing machine. Get in touch with us right now to obtain this printing machine. Features: 1-Centralized automatic lubrication with a cyclic timer 2- Chilling machine and water recirculation system 3-Pile table with a motorised feeder 220 Mill imps, PQC console, AMR, Paper Presets, Komorimatic Damps, Royce refrigeration, Ink Temperature Control, Chrome Cylinders, Sheet De Curlerm,PC Auto washes, Tower coater, Powder Spray, IR Dryer, Non stop delivery.
Availability : Abroad

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