Komori L 640 LX

Machine Ref. No. :1483
Machine Serial No. :464xxx
Manufacturer : KOMORI
Type :L 640+LX
Year :1993
Color(s) :6 COLOR
Size :28x40

Machine Kind : Sheet Fed Offset

Description : Circa 220 Million Impressions, Equipped With:-PQC- With Plate Cocking, Komorimatic Dampening, AMR, SAPC,Preset, Acoustic Side Lay, Electronic 2 Sheet Detection, Royse Recirculating/Refrigeration - Air Cooled ,ICS Ink Temperature Control - Air Cooled, Tresu Coating Unit With 2 X Anilox Roller, Watson Marlow Coating Pump,Baldwin UV Drying, Interdeck Units 1&2, 6 & Coating, End Of Press, Prepared Units 5 & 6 ( New 2014) Baldwin Chilling Unit - Air Cooled (New 2014), Doyle Dust Removing At Feed, Air Cushion Sheet Transfer, Continuous Feed, Non Stop Delivery, Steel Plate In Feeder And Delivery
Availability : Abroad

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