komori LS 640 L

Manufacturer : Komori
Type :LS 640+L
Year :1997
Color(s) :6
Size :20x29

Machine Kind : Sheet Fed Offset

Description : If you are searching for a six color offset printing machine for your company and are unsure where to begin. Please do not hesitate to contact Machine Dealer. We are one of the most reliable Six Colour Offset Printing Machine Komori LS 640 L Suppliers and Importers in India. Features: 1- Fully Automatic 2- Perfect Registration 3- Vacuum Front Feeder AMR, Paper Presets, Komorimatic Damps, Royce refrigeration, Ink Temperature Control, Chrome Cylinders, Sheet De Curlerm,PC Auto washes, Tower coater, Powder Spray,
Availability : Abroad

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