Planeta Printing Machine

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Planeta machine models are being manufactured since 1938. If we consider the history of these machines, the printing models by this brand specifically rose to prominence in the developing as well as the western countries.

The Planeta super variant P 44 is an efficient machine which comes in various colours. These machines find their use in printing and packaging.

Here at Machinesdealer, Planeta is one brand which we sell the most. We provide Planeta printing machines for your business as per your business requirements. The machines we offer have amazing features i.e. sturdy construction, corrosion resistant, reliable performance, convenient operations, less maintenance, and easy installations.

How to maintain your printing machine

To ensure that the printing machine works in a smooth fashion, you need to maintain it. Sometimes you may have to maintain your printing machine on your own when all other methods fail. Though, every machine is different, keeping in mind a common maintenance schedule will come in handy if you follow a maintenance cycle. But before discussing that, you should know the following points:

Maintenance Frequency

  • If a printing machine is used once a month or even lesser than that, then carry out the cycle at the end of 6 months
  • If printing machines are used on a weekly basis: Carry out the cycle each month
  • If machine used on a daily basis: Carry out the cycle all weeks in a month

Along with the maintenance requirements that the manufacturer specifies, you can carry out the maintenance cycle mentioned below by inculcating it into your routine:

  • Clean the press body and then polish it
  • Examine the fastener for appropriate torque
  • Check if the machine has sufficient lubrication
  • Inspect the equipment levelling and also the stability of supports
  • Examine the belts and drive the chains to ensure proper tension
  • Inspect cylinder for appropriate clearance
  • Examine rail and trucks
  • Check oil levels
  • Check corrosion
  • Examine every chase for corner cracks, square and flatness

Carry out your maintenance schedule and make the necessary changes in the above cycle according to your machine type.

Why buy from Machinesdealer?

We are a dedicated team working day-to-day towards providing the best printing machine models to various businesses so that they can immensely benefit from them.

The printing machines that we offer, including Planeta Super Variant P 44, are made from different colours and are manufactured in different years. Businesses can benefit immensely from Planeta Super Variant P 44 because of the robust functionalities it offers. Further, you can trust our products to go the extra mile in taking your business to the next level.

From Planeta Super Variant P 44 to Komori to Adast, we have the best printing machines in store for you to select from. Since we deal in second hand Machine, we make it our duty to provide you nothing but ideal products at the best cost which contribute in taking your business to new heights.

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You can always contact us in case of queries. You can call and email us or simply fill out a form which requires some basic details so that we can reach you. After that, you can leave everything to us. Our experts will make sure your queries get resolved in the least amount of time.

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